Intelligent research for 360° insight

MindTake is a full-service market and opinion research agency with 20 years experience in digital research. We are the leading research agency in digital advertising effectiveness in Austria and CEE/SEE, with a multilingual team of 40 staff in our Vienna, Zurich, Riga and Athens offices.
With our proprietary Online Access Panels in 25 countries and an in-house technical team, we specialise in quantitative and qualitative research online. Our arsenal of tools is constantly expanding and covers the range from established CAWI, CATI and CAPI studies to methods such as segmentation, conjoint, quantitative and qualitative studies, packaging and pricing Tests and focus-group interviews,  and cutting-edge solutions such as Facial Coding, Eye Tracking, online focus groups and communities and UX testing. 

  • Introducing Reppublika, the user-centric toolbox for data-driven analytics

Digital heritage, constant innovation

We aim for results-oriented innovation in everything we do: we were among the first research companies in Austria to launch responsive layouts for our questionnaires, and a lot of our surveys are designed to be mobile-first, for on-the-go, location-relevant completion.  Our on-site eye tracking service works with both static and dynamic pictures, and we offer the option for facial coding within surveys on a voluntary basis - we can also use reaction-time measurement to determine how strongly respondents associate certain keywords or images with stimuli materials.
We are also pioneers in using voluntarily installed software to track online behaviour cross-device and in real time, in browsers and in apps - available to our customers through Reppublika, a user-centric toolbox for data-driven analytics.  


We are a member of ESOMAR, IAB Austria, IAB Europe Transparency and Consent Framework, MMA, VMÖ. We are also a cooperation and research partner of the University of Vienna,  the Vienna School of Economics, the University of applied science in Wr. Neustadt and St.Pölten.

  • From focus groups and round tables to interviews — an ideal space in the heart of Vienna