Custom research for ad testing and brand impact

  • Ad launched, budget spent, now what ? Our ad efficiency tests track first impressions and long-term effect.

The spectrum of advertisement, campaign and brand image research at MindTake aims to accompany customers through the entire lifespan of any advertising effort, from pre-tests of slogans, imagery or logos, to targetting and verification of the intended audience, to assessment of how the campaign delivered on its promises and impacted your brand.

An arsenal of research methods, customised to your project

We tailor our approach to each project by picking the most suitable tools for the material, from classic pre- and post- surveys to cutting-edge eye-tracking, facial coding or semiotic analysis, as well as new methods such as reaction time measurement and social listening.  All these tools can be put to work on text (slogans, testimonials), image (logos) and interactive experiences or moving images (video, websites) for a seamless insight into your campaign performance.


Through our user-centric dashboard toolbox, Reppublika, we can also deliver unique real-time and 360 degree feedback on the lifespan of a campaign, from targeting and audience verification all the way to  brand lift KPIs, broken down across demographic segments. 

  • Facial coding assesses the appeal of moving images such as online campaigns or TV ads.

Expressions speak louder than words

Facial coding is the terms used for the automated taxonomy of emotional responses through the observation, recording and interpretation of facial expressions on a user's face.  In the context of market research, it can be used to gauge customer appeal and involvement when producing material that includes moving images like online campaigns and TV commercials, as well as more lenghty user experiences, for example the path through a web shop.